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ENOHE Webinar 2016

ENOHE Webinar - 29th September 2016


On 29 September 2016, ENOHE held its first interactive online webinar session. This consisted of discussions from attendees on a number of pre-prepared presentations from members of ENOHE.


Webinar Audio

The audio from the discussion webinar can be played or downloaded below.



The 2016 webinar programme



ENOHE: A Story, Josef Leidenfrost, ENOHE President, Austria

"History and evolution of the European Network Ombudsmen Higher Education. When, where, why and how it began. How it evolved. Who it is for. How it is organised (or not)."

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Refining one’s work: How to become a professional Ombudsman, Wolf Hertlein, Germany

Professionalism as an ombudsman is a process, not a state. This process of professionalisation consists of four elements: 1. Regarding the Golden Rule, 2. Defining basic principles of one’s work, 3. Using every chance to learn from external experts and 4. Developing a positive attitude towards all persons involved in my cases.

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The Growing Scheme in Norway, Marianne Hova Rustberggard, Norway

How students are, and have been key to the increasing number of ombud programs for students in Norway. A tribute to student representation and influence.

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Spain: Inscribed in law, Marta Elena Alonso de la Varga, Spain

Who are the ombudsmen, where are they, how are they selected, how long do they serve?

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Annual reports: worth the effort?, Lies Poesiat, Netherlands

Why take the effort in writing an annual report, how can it help the Ombuds position and can you also benefit from it?




OIA: An Ombudsman in Changing Waters, Hilary Jones, England & Wales

Over the last year, the OIA’s membership has increased and diversified. What can we learn as we grow?

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