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Past Events – ENOHE Conferences



2015 12th Annual Conference Innsbruck, Austria Innsbruck, Austria “30 years of solitude? University Ombudsmen's Pioneering Past, Confident Present, Challenging Future”  Final Programme
2014 11th Annual Conference University of Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland “Higher Education Ombudsmen and Empowerment: how to make it work”  Final programme
2013 10th Annual Conference OIA Oxford, England “Rising Tuition Costs, Rising Complaints: Alternative Approaches to Dispute Resolution”ENOHE-13-Conference-Report
2011 9th Annual Conference Universidad Europea de Madrid Madrid, Spain   
2010 8th Annual Conference ACCUO, CanadaOmbudsman of the National Agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme Vienna, Austria
2009 7th Annual Conference University of Hamburg Hamburg, Germany “Lost in Transition? Defining the Role of Ombudsmen in the Developing Bologna World”
2008 6th Annual Conference OIA London, England “Universities, Students and Justice”Final report - reduced
2007 5th Annual Conference University of Antwerp Antwerp, Belgium “The Ombudsman in Higher Education: counselor, student advocate, watchdog?”
2006 4th Annual Conference ETH ZürichUniversity of Zurich Zurich, Switzerland "The Ombudsman’s Role in Avoiding and Solving upcoming Problems and Conflicts  in  Institutions of Higher Education"
2005 3rd Annual Conference Various ENOHE members Vienna, Austria  
2004 2nd Annual Conference Universidad Complutense de MadridUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid Madrid, Spain
2003 1st Annual Conference University of Amsterdam Netherlands