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Oxford Resolution

Following discussions at the 10th ENOHE Annual Conference about how to best support the excellent work of Josef Leidenfrost, the Oxford Resolution was passed overwhelmingly on 11 April 2013 with no contrary votes and one abstention. 


The Oxford Resolution


At the ENOHE side meeting held at St Catherine’s College on Thursday 11 April 2013, colleagues agreed unanimously to place the following Resolution before the Concluding Plenary of the 10th Conference:


1.            This Conference notes the outstanding contribution of Dr Josef Leidenfrost in leading the ENOHE Network since inception as Convenor.

2.            To safeguard the continuity of the Network and to prepare it for any future development, it is resolved to create a Voluntary Executive Committee of about 12 members to support the Convenor’s work.

3.            Nominations for the Executive are to be sent to Ram Gidoomal care of enohe@oiahe.org.uk.

4.            The core purpose of the Executive will be to support the work of the Convenor in maintaining an operational ENOHE website, to facilitate exchanges, and to arrange meetings from time to time.

5.            In the interim the Network will retain its non-legal status but move towards a modest annual subscription of around 50-100 Euros for membership to support the cost of the website and minimum core activities.


St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford

Oxford, 13 April 2013

After the conference, nominations to a Steering Group were sought from the ENOHE members.  It was decided to accept all 27 nominations from 11 countries.  A small group of Steering Group members met by video conference in September 2013 to discuss the best way to follow the wishes of those attending the Oxford Conference.  The following key points were agreed by the group and subsequently by the wider ENOHE membership:

1.       That ENOHE should continue as an informal, networking organisation, and be strengthened from 1 January 2014 with a Secretariat, web-site, newsletter, supported  by minimal annual membership fees.

2.       That Josef Leidenfrost should continue as Convenor and additionally become President of ENOHE from 1 January 2014.

3.       That the OIA should run a Secretariat on behalf of ENOHE to support the activities of ENOHE  for two years from 1 January 2014..

4.       That Ram Gidoomal (Chair of the OIA Board) should serve as Non-Executive Chair for a two year period

5.       The there should be a central “Executive” or Operational Group nominated from and  supported by a wider “Steering Group”

6.       That the annual fees for membership, reviewable in due course,  should be as follows for 2014:

a.       50 Euros for an individual membership

b.      100 Euros for an institutional membership (with up to three members)