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2014 News & Updates

18 December 2014

Lobbying of decision-makers in Higher Education in Europe to get ombudsmen included in the Yerevan closing document in May 2015 has been continuing.  There has been positive feedback from those approached so far and members are encouraged to continue to drive this forward in their own countries.  In order to assist members in this, a standard letter is currently being drafted and will be forwarded to them shortly.  A list of those approached so far can be found on the Documents page (you will need to be a member to see this: please click here to join).


9 December 2014

The UK Government amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill, giving higher education students at alternative providers and studying in further education colleges the same rights as other students to complain to the OIA, was adopted unopposed in the House of Lords on 24 November 2014. Work now begins to prepare the ground for around 300 new member institutions (with a total of more 100,000 eligible students) to join the OIA from 1 September 2015.


5 December 2014

EAIE Spotlight Seminar in Berlin 1-2 December 2014

EAIE Spotlight Berlin picture - with caption (2)

ENOHE presenting the figure of the ombudsman to university guidance and counselling people (Josef Leidenfrost)

For more information please click here: EAIE Seminar Berlin


27 November 2014

Congratulations to ENOHE members Paul Herfs and Sytske Teppema (The Netherlands) whose article, “The Merits of a Staff Ombudsman in Higher Education: A plea for the widespread introduction of a Staff Ombudsman in the higher education system in the Netherlands”,  has been published in The Journal of the California Caucus of College and University Ombuds.

Link to article


17 November 2014


ENOHE Annual Conference 2015

Thursday May 28 - Saturday May 30 2015

Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

30 Years of Solitude? European University Ombudsmen‘s Pioneering Past, Confident Present, Challenging Future”

 Co-organizers: European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education (ENOHE), European Ombudsman Institute (EOI) Innsbruck and Austrian Student Ombudsman Vienna

For more details, please click here    Save the date! 141114


23 October 2014

Free Webinar

Two members of ENOHE, Jenna Brown (USA) and Jim Wohl (USA) will be talking about professional development in a free webinar on 23 October 2014.

Peer Case Consultation: An Approach to Professional Development

Dispute resolution practitioners of all kinds can stay in professional shape through on-going peer case consultation. We invite you to learn about our experience in peer case consultation and consider ways in which you, too, can advance your professional skills. In the webinar, we review the rationale for peer case consultation and distinguish it from other approaches to professional development and case review. We consider different approaches to peer case consultation and the factors that make peer case consultation work.

For information and to register: http://www.adrhub.com/forum/topics/webinar2014october


10 October 2014

OIA publishes public interest cases

The OIA is allowed to publish information about the way named universities handle student complaints, where this is in the public interest (as defined in its Scheme Rules).  In September 2014 cases concerning disability, plagiarism and academic misconduct were published and are available on the OIA website.

Disability cases - September 2014

Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct - September 2014


5 September 2014

4th ENOHE Executive Group meeting 

The ENOHE Executive Group met for the fourth time via video on 5 September.  The meeting was dedicated to a quarterly update among its members and discussions on strategic issues for the next academic year.  Representatives from Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Norway, the UK and the USA were participating, exchanging news and ideas on a number of topics.  These topics included: the ENOHE Warsaw Resolution on promoting the ombudsman idea and the Bologna update conference in Yerevan, Armenia next year; upcoming conferences of ENOHE partners; outlining plans for the ENOHE 2015 annual conference planned to be held in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria; a possible application by ENOHE within the ERASMUS plus programme  for funding a joint multi-country study to investigate the role of the ombudsman; the suggestion to develop ENOHE internships;  the inclusion of student representatives into ENOHE processes and initiatives and news from members’ own countries.

The meeting once again highlighted the value of ENOHE in supporting national higher education ombudsman organisations in these times of uncertainty and in raising the international profile of ombudsmen in higher education.


2 September 2014



From 16th to 18th July 2014 the Euroforum, Campus Infantes Conference Centre in San Lorenzo de El Escorial near the Spanish capital of Madrid was the venue of the summer course of the Universidad Complutense Madrid on CHALLENGES FOR UNIVERSITY OMBUDSMEN IN TODAY´S UNIVERSITY CONTEXT. The course, initiated and perfectly prepared and organized by María Isabel Aránguez Alonso, the new university ombudswoman of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and professionally chaired by Vicente Mazimpaka Nibarere, the new university ombudsman of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, was intended to give an excellent overview of the importance of fundamental rights and civil liberties in higher education in the current economic and social situation and why and how to safeguard them.

Speakers and discussants from Spain, Mexico and Austria analyzed the importance of the defense of fundamental human rights and civil liberties in the university sphere through higher education ombudsmen in times of the formation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Comparisons of the capacity of change that ombudsmen might achieve within governments’ responsibilities at international, state, regional and university levels were made, also working methods and specific aspects of daily work.

Other topics dealt with was how to make the ombudsmen’s rights and possibilities known to society at large and how to engage these issues with members of the university communities. Analyses of the work of ombudsman offices included their specific responsibilities and the work they currently carry out in each one of these fields of activity.

The summer school strengthened the collaboration among ombudsmen from different university systems and from both state and private universities, within Spain and abroad. It tried to provide a common element of communication between non-university and university ombudsmen in order to increase institutional cooperation between them.

Among the keynote speakers were Soledad Becerril Bustamante, the Spanish state ombudswoman, Federico Moran Abad, the secretary general for universities at the Spanish ministry of Education, Culture and Sports,  and Joana Maria Petrus Bey, the new president of the Spanish state conference of university ombudsmen (CEDU).

During the conference several informal meetings took place between colleagues from different areas, among them Jorge Ulises Carmono Tinoco, the secretary general of the Mexican network of university ombudsmen REDDU and Josef Leidenfrost, the president of the European ombudsmen network ENOHE.

Due to the high quality of presentations by the speakers and interventions from the audience plus a very stimulating panel discussion among several Spanish university rectors on the general topic it is planned to ha a rerun of this summer school in a similar format in the near future.  The conference documentation will be published at www.ucm.es/defensora-universitaria within the next month.

Spanish meeting July 2014

Left to right: Jorge Ulises Carmono Tinoco, Secretary General of Reddu, the Mexican network of university ombudsmen, Josef Leidenfrost, the president of the European ombudsmen network ENOHE, María Isabel Aránguez Alonso, the new university ombudswoman of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Vicente Mazimpaka Nibarere, the new university ombudsman of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


16 July 2014

12238811924_2a7b8fda34_zNew Ombuds for Students announced in Norway  

The boards at the following educational institutions in Norway have decided to create an Ombuds for Students, with valuable contribution to their assessments from Marianne Høva Rustberggard, Student Ombudsperson at the University of Oslo:

- UiT The Arctic University of Norway (in collaboration with other educational institutions in the North of Norway) - decided on the 13th of March

- The University of Bergen (UiB) - decided on the 28th of May

- Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) - decided on the 17th of June

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim are still evaluating.


14 July 2014

Annual Report, University of Oslo

Here is the Annual Report from the Ombudsman for Student's first year in office.  Kindly note that the first page is in Norwegian but the rest is in English.



22-26 September 2014

'Ombuds Essentials' certificate program

Toronto, Canada

The 'Ombuds Essentials' is a certificate program that the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman (FCO) has developed in conjunction with Osgoode Hall Law School. This is a 4 1/2 day course that is held in downtown Toronto in Canada and offered for the first time in 2013. It was very well received and it is being offered again from September 22 - 26, 2014.  The registration is capped at 40 participants so there are many opportunities for interaction among registrants as well with the Faculty members.  This is the link to the description of the program:

Ombuds Essentials


10 July 2014

Selling the ombudsman message

Josef brussels

ENOHE in Warsaw, Poland, where delegates had adopted the Warsaw Resolution on empowering ombudsmen and selling the ombudsman message (for the text of the resolution click here.The European Commission and the European Students Union were the two key stops on ENOHE President Josef Leidenfrost’s most recent trip to the European Union’s power hub in Brussels. The purpose of his visit was to convey the need to set up higher education ombudsman offices in European countries where this has not yet been done. This topic had been just one of the subjects on the agenda of this year’s annual conference of the European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education

At the European Commission, Josef Leidenfrost met with Jonathan Hill, the Deputy Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth Androulla Vassiliou (http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/vassiliou/index_en.htm). The Commissioner’s assistant was informed about the content and intention of the ENOHE Warsaw Resolution. He also was briefed on the system of higher education ombudsmen in Europe, the different approaches to setting up and running ombudsman services where they are already available and the intention to make a commitment to do more to support and expand the ombudsman system in the closing document of next year’s Bologna Ministerial Follow-Up Conference in Yerevan, Armenia.

With Fernando M Galan Palomares, the Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the European Students Union (ESU; http://www.esu-online.org/), Leidenfrost talked about ENOHE’s current main aims, including  the selling of the ombudsman message through the ENOHE Warsaw Resolution.  They also talked about ENOHE’s mid-term strategic plan and about the possibilities for joint projects and initiatives between ESU and ENOHE. The latter include the possibility of a joint annual conference to be held in Austria in 2015 and a joint policy project within the European Erasmus plus programme, Action 3: Promotion of European higher education.  Fernando Galan Palomares himself was once a student member of the senate at his home university, the Universidad de Cantabria in Spain, and in this capacity was in close contact with the (then) local university ombudsman, Jose Manuel Bayod Bayod, a long-time ENOHE activist during the 2010s.


20 & 21 July 2014

Marquette University Milwaukee

2014 Summer Meeting of Academic Ombuds

Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

The 12th annual gathering provides an opportunity for academic ombuds (AO) to become better acquainted, share concerns unique to our professional environments, and to support and learn from each other’s experience.

For additional information and registration: http://www.marquette.edu/ombuds/2014_Summer_Meeting.shtml


July 2014

At the end of the conference the conference participants approved the Warsaw Resolution whose main points are the stipulation of the importance of creating higher education ombudsmen in countries where they do not yet exist and in safeguarding the rights of students and other members of university communities.  It is planned to introduce these clauses and sentiments in the closing documents of next year’s Bologna Ministerial Conference in Yerevan, Armenia.

To view the Resolution in English please click here

To view the Resolution in Spanish please click here


12 June 2014

On 12 June 2014, Rob Behrens, the Independent Adjudicator for England and Wales, launched the OIA's 2013 Annual Report at the Annual Open Meeting in London.

To see the 2013 report, please click here: OIA Annual Report 2013


16-18 July 2014


Universidad Complutense Madrid

Challenges of University Ombudsmen Institution in Today’s University Context

This course will take place in the beautiful environment of El Escorial in Madrid, Spain, and will deal with important issues for the University Ombudsman.

For information on this course please click here: Challenges of University Ombudsman Spain


28 May 2014

University of Huddersfield - Student Conciliators Video in Partnership with the OIA

This video highlights the benefits of having a Student Conciliator Scheme at the University of Huddersfield, UK.


15-17 May 2014

ENOHE 2014 - University of Warsaw, Poland - Papers and Presentations

The papers and presentations from the 2014 Annual Conference are available in the Members' Area under Documents.  To become a member, please click here.


13 May 2014

University of WarsawENOHE 2014- University of Warsaw 15-17 May 2014

The final programme for ENOHE 2014 is ready for downloading.

Download final programme (pdf)


3 April 2014

Pages from OIA Good Practice Framework consultation, final

OIA Good Practice Framework Consultation

Rob Behrens, the Independent Adjudicator and Chief Executive at the OIA, has  launched the Good Practice Framework consultation which has been developed with partners in the higher education sector.  The consultation is seeking views on a new draft good practice framework for handling complaints and academic appeals in higher education in England and Wales. Once finalised the framework will guide staff in universities who handle complaints and academic appeals, as well as those who support and advise students, including students’ unions

Good Practice Framework Consultation (pdf)


27 March 2014

Enohe13 conference report

ENOHE 2013 - Conference Report


Rob Behrens, the Independent Adjudicator and Chief Executive from the OIA has now published the Conference Report from ENOHE 2013. This is also available on the OIA website.

ENOHE 2013 - Conference Report (pdf) 


25 March 2014

Draft agenda for ENOHE 2014

You can now view the draft agenda for the conference. All timings and speakers are subject to change. If you have any questions on the agenda, please contact enohe@oiahe.org.uk

Download the draft agenda for ENOHE 14 (pdf) 


10 March 2014Austrian Ombuds logo

Austria: Annual Report 2012/13

The Austrian Student Ombudsman has presented it's First Annual Report for 2012/13 to the Austrian Parliament.

View the report (doc)